Lizzy Parsons, Pt 2/3: Face the Music

Back at the dorm room Lizzy shoved what clean clothes she had left into a duffel bag along with her mp3 player, headphones, and a book. She never knew what interactions to expect when she went back home. She hadn’t quite told her dad that she was agnostic, or that she’d been learning about Wicca,Continue reading “Lizzy Parsons, Pt 2/3: Face the Music”

Lizzy Parsons, Pt 1/3: The Caller’s Cues

Lizzy’s DiaryApril 30th, 2004 Last night I had the strangest dream. I was standing by the old creek with my friend Jenny. We were walking along logs and skipping stones, just like we were that hot summer day years ago… I was there in my 6 year old body, and she hadn’t aged a bitContinue reading “Lizzy Parsons, Pt 1/3: The Caller’s Cues”

Lawrence Manufacturing Plant Burns Down in Massive Blaze

by Jeanette Goodman October 20th, 1995 A fire broke out at Lawrence Manufacturing late Wednesday evening, according to police reports. Firefighters spent 20 hours fighting the blaze, but by all appearances the building has been lost completely leaving only the brick walls behind. This leaves plant workers facing an uncertain future. Lawrence Manufacturing employed overContinue reading “Lawrence Manufacturing Plant Burns Down in Massive Blaze”

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